The Deadly Salt Myth

The deadly salt myth that we've been indoctrinated to believe, is that salt is bad. "Salt will raise your blood pressure and give you all sorts of problems!" they say.

People live by terrible information. If I was to listen to what most people said, including the "health gurus" in the alternative medicine field, I'd be who I used to be: a sickly, weak individual. I'd be a multivitamin pill-popper "just in case I have vitamin deficiencies". I'd be consuming the carcasses of dead animals to "get my protein". I'd be abstaining from fruit, because "sugar's bad". I'd be saturating myself with toxic chemicals because "the sun wants to kill me". And of course...I'd be restricting my salt intake, because salt is bad!.

Once again, like the other sections, there are two types of salt:

  • Natural, unrefined sea salt/rock salt
  • Artificial, processed/refined white table salt (most common)

Can you guess which one is good and which one is bad?

The salt myth going around is that you need to restrict your salt intake because it causes a host of health issues. What they don't tell you is that the person who has these issues doesn't have them because of salt. They have health issues from all the white flour, dead animal carcasses, white sugar, table salt (yes, the bad salt), pastas, cakes, sodas, miracle supplement pills and on and on. Then something like coffee or salt gets the blame.

The Salt Myth & Bones

Isn't it interesting that we are told to drink milk to obtain strong bones, yet everyone over 45 seems to have brittle bones? Why isn't milk saving these people from osteoporosis?

We are told that we need calcium to make our bones strong, so we need to drink more milk! Nice try dairy companies! Your body doesn't just absorb calcium. Your body actually needs salt. Salt will naturally convert to calcium and all other minerals, when combined with sunlight and water...just like it does at the bottom of the ocean!

  • Eat lots of natural salt.
  • Drink lots of pure water.
  • Expose yourself to lots of sunshine (No toxic, anti-sun lotions!)
  • Reap the rewards!

This is the real way to strong bones. Your bones are about 20% salt. A stick of celery is the same. Hey it kind of looks like a bone as well right? Eat plants that have a high sodium content. The connection between bones and raw food is just one of many.

Yes table salt will destroy your health...but anything processed to the point that it's unrecognizable will always destroy your health. You wouldn't make a house out of sticks, and when it falls conclude that any type of house is unsafe would you? So why do we do it with food? We seem to think that meddling with nature somehow doesn't affect the complex chemistry. BUT IT DOES.

Why is it that western athletes are down and out by the time they hit 35? The Indian wrestlers don't have this problem. They compete well into their 60's, and are vegetarian, and don't use any miracle supplements. The problems arise in our western athletes because they follow what everyone thinks is good health advice. They too, buy into the salt myth. I learned along time ago: If you want results, don't do what normal people do.

The Salt Myth & Hydration

Notice that the Earth is mainly 70% water just like we are? Notice that the majority of that water is salt water? It would be wise to assume that those two things must be essential for life. But too often salt is attacked. Whenever a wholefood is attacked, or research is performed to bring a product to can be sure it always has ill-intentions. They don't care about your health!

Proper hydration is impossible without salt. Salt regulates water through the blood-brain-barrier. You can drink all the water you want, but if you aren't eating enough salt, you will not be performing anywhere near your highest.

We are told that we eat too much salt. This is incredibly false. We eat too much artificial salt. Most people have a severe lacking of unprocessed, natural sea salt. And it isn't even that difficult to get from your local health shop! We are craving salt so bad, that we can't help but pour it all over our food. We have to, because it has been processed so much that it has no flavour, forcing us to use so much of it. Too bad the body doesn't get what it needs, so it keeps asking for more salt. That is...until you give it real salt!

Once you try real salt, you will never go back. I actually take it with me to restaurants because they always use fake salt and I can't taste anything. Real salt is so much stronger than fake salt. To get the flavour of one pinch of real salt, you would have to use 2 table spoons of refined, fake table salt. Everyone is obsessed with using less and less because they buy into the deadly salt myth.

Don't buy into the salt myth. Buy natural, unrefined, sea salt or rock salt. Use as much as you want (the more the better), and you will improve hydration, strengthen your bones, and improve the electrical performance of your cells.

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