Sun Gazing - The Ancient Ritual

Many long-lived ancient cultures practiced sun gazing. What is it?  It is the art of eating the sun by staring at it.  For the first hour of sunrise, and the last hour of sunset, I’ve been staring at the sun without the danger of damaging my eyes.  If you decide to do it, make sure you read on and follow the instructions carefully.  Remember, health is your own responsbility.

The benefits of this lost art I believe are numerous.

Allowing the sunlight to enter into the eyes directly stimulates the pineal gland (third eye) to secrete chemicals that activate dormant parts of the brain.  A powerful imagination exercise.  It…

  • improves eyesight and colour perception
  • improves the memory
  • improves imagination
  • heals illness
  • strengthens all body systems (skeletal/muscular, immune, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic etc .)
  • Strengthens dreams.
  • begins the mapping of the “neural network software” so that you can begin to receive downloads of pure intelligence. 

All of these effects compound over time as you perform the daily ritual of sun gazing.  And when combined with fasting and internal nei kung…WOW!

Learn how sun gazing can activate dormant areas in your brain, improve memory and much more...

Nutrition – A Process of Light

Sunlight is the father of all life.  Without the Sun, life simply does not exist.  All nutrition comes from sunlight, and in fact, the very prefix of nutrition (nut) comes from nux which in the Latin ORIGINALLY meant LIGHT.  Nutrition is a PROCESS OF LIGHTClick here to read more about the sun and health.

Since we cannot synthesize light directly, we must wait for a plant to do it.  Plants synthesize nutrition from light and water directly (photosynthesis) and crystallize it into fruits and vegetables.  Plants DO NOT “eat dirt”, that is a supplement lie in order to sell pills.  Click here to read more about the supplement scam. 

The word RAW came from the word RA – the God of the Sun in ancient Egypt.  Eating raw living plant foods (contains life force that dies when it’s cooked) combined with sun gazing is our way of “practicing” to learn to absorb MORE LIGHT out of what we are eating.  We are “preparing the temple” to receive “more light” as it was referred to.


Because transit time is everything.  If you can absorb more from eating less then there is less dross inside of you.  This means less toxaemia, which means you will live longer.  Dying from “old age” is merely the end point of toxaemia.  This is NOT about restricting calories, this is about eating the same but from less food!  Eat for energy! Click here to read more about that.

Practicing Sun Gazing

Sun gazing - the ancient way to measure

If you decide to do it, it'll force you to adopt a more natural sleeping pattern in order to see a sunrise.  Place your fist in front of you vertically so that the bottom is on the horizon.  This is the ancient way of using the golden measurement (phi/pi) to find the safe zone of star gazing.

You can stare at the sun directly and safely from the bottom of your fist to the top of it.  And when you become more advanced you can even stare longer.  But be careful.

With sunset, wait until the sun reaches the top of your fist and then begin your ritual.  You can also stare at the sun with your eyes closed at other times (such as noon) when the sunlight is very strong.  The benefits are still great even if they are not as powerful.

Another thing you can do is star gazing and lunar gazing.  Staring at the moon and stars in the night sky.  There are records of ancient tribes that were able to see planets and stars with the naked eye that we cannot see.  I suspect this super eyesight might be another benefit that could be gained from sun gazing.

This is something I've been practicing.  Use common sense (which I understand isn't so common these days).  If you experience pain then you are doing it wrong!

Phil Moufarrege

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